Coral Euskeria de la Coral de Bilbao

CHORUS EUSKERIA of the Choral Society of Bilbao

The choir was founded in1985 under the direction of Juan Luis Vázquezfor ten years. Iñaki Moreno followed until 2007. The inclusion of youth intoThe Choral Society Bilbao began at this time, bringing in a new era with the appointment ofUrkoSangronizas director, maintaining its philosophy of being an intermediate step between the Conservatory Choir or the Childrens Choir and the Adult Choir or the Choir itself.

Among other things, their heavy schedule included tours of Northern Germany in1993 y 1996, putting on several concerts in Hamburg, Schelswig-Holstein and Schwerin. Furthermore, various locations in the region of Anjou in France,were the scene for concerts performed on trips in 1994, 1996and1998 together with the Orchestra JesúsGuridi from Conservatoryof the Bilbao choir. Special mention must be given to theChurchof theSpanish MissioninParis, which ended the last tour. In 1999 they participated in the The Festival of Church Musicon the Isla de Re, also in France.

coro euskeria actuandoOn Spanish home soil, they have performed in different concerts at theNational Auditorium in Madrid, the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga, the Grand Theatre in Cordoda, the Lope de Vega inSevilla, theRomea de Murcia, The Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid and on different stages in Cartagena, Lorca, Burgos, Alcobendas, Cantabria, La Rioja, Getafe, Albacete and Barcelona.

In addition they have participated in numerous operettas “zarzuelas”in the Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao.
Among their activities in recent years, we should highlight their collaboration with composer Eric Whitacre during his stay in Bilbao, as well as concerts at the International Festival of Literaturein Bilbao,GuntunZuriaand the Pop Music Cycle “Izar& Star”. They participated in the recording of the CD “125 UrteKantuan-Singing for 125 years” created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Choral Society of Bilbao. In addition, last year, they recorded a CD with choral versions of well know pop songs.
This past July, they performed, on the days running up to BBK Live, in the Teatro Campo with a repertoire of band and choral versions of songs by rock groups appearing at the festival.

The Choristers

Chorus Euskeria of the Bilbao Choir census 2013

Sopranos 14
Mezzos y Contraltos 10
Tenors 5
Barítones and Bass 6
Totals 35


Alvarez Guzmán, Haizea – Azkarate Azpiazu, Nerea – Aspiazu Iturbe, Usue – Beldarrain González, Ane – Cano Palencia, Silvia – Climent Roca, Carmen – Delgado Urrutikoetxea, Marta – De Orbe Allende, Arrate – Díez Landa, Maialen – Gómez Tobarra, Ibone – Lujua De Cáceres, Míriam – Madariaga Astobieta, Nerea – Maura Aláez, Victoria – Ortiz García, Nerea – Prieto Landeta, Itxasne – Reichhardt, Alina – Rodríguez Aguirre, Andrea – Sánchez Landíbar, María – Thate Arrazola, Ibone


Barrenetxea Ezcurra, Irune – Cabañas Weisz, Inés – Cerio Vera, Marta – Delgado Urrutikoetxea, Sonia – Gómez, Cecilia – Pastor Olmos, Josune – Olano Oteiza, Begoña – Ruiz Vázquez, Paula – Sanz Hierro, Paula – Yanguas Aguirre, Laura


Aguado Jauregui, Iker – Bermejo Arteagabeitia, Aitor – De Carlos Olabarriaga, Anton – Del Blanco Sierra, Eder – García Sancho, Julen – Madariaga Arroyo, Ander – Manzanares Domínguez, Guillermo – Méndez Aretxabaleta, Xabier – Núñez Bueno, Mikel – Rica Izquierdo, Peio


Agirretxu Zea, Jon Ander – Balanzategi Agirrezabala, Gilen – Balanzategi Agirrezabala, Sabas – Basáñez Zulueta, Aimar – Berganza Orcajada, Iñigo – Brey Prat, Josetxo- Hernández Núñez, Iñigo – Mendizabal Corchón, Nikolas Ander – Maura Aláez, Miguel – Legorburu Mata, Jaime