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Do you want your children to have a comprehensive personal and social development? Would you like them to receive artistic training?

Children from three to seven years old begin to familiarize themselves with music. To learn more scroll down. If you child is more than seven years old click “Teaching” to find out more about their place within the choir.


The key areas of work are: singing, listening, rhythm and movement, all presented in a fun and enjoyable way.

It is structured according to the age of the student and this also dictates the selection of work materials.  


Music initiation sessions are in group and last for 45 minutes. Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday. Choral practice becomes an addition at age 7. Throughout the course various activities are organizedso students can get to know the instruments, and from 5 years old there is the possibility of beginning the practice of one. Throughout the school year auditions and performances are held to show class work.



If you would like more information you can contact using the request for information form, through our email or by calling us on 944167148.

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    The Bilbao Choir and Children

    The cultivation of music, especially vocal, is the purpose for which, in 1886, the Choral Society of Bilbao was created.This globalization of music and their knowledge is what later encouraged the creation of The Music School, which now has over 30 years of experience.

    An Education in Music

    Further to the intrinsic value of the artistic musical scope, we foster a comprehensive personal and social development. How? The study of music during childhood perfects their intellectual ability, psychomotive and expressive skills, beyond those related to an effective and emotional level. As a communicative art form it relates the individual to society. It also stimulates attention, organization, imagination, perception, creativity, criticism etc.

    Immersionin a rich and musical environment

    From 3 years old we train our students to learn and enjoy music as a language and form of expression through our educational work, promoting public performance and projects of a common goal for all groups that make up our centre. The result is an intense calendar of activities and concerts to enjoy both as performers and members of an audience.
    We also consider music in group as essential. It is from these practices that our educational system is structured. We believe that children of a young age must have an active musical experience, in which the interpretation of music together is essential.