Coral de Bilbao
The Bilbao Choir

The Choral Society of Bilbao-Bilboko Koral Elkartea was founded in 1886 for the development of music in general and in particular the choir.

The Basque Choir
Coro Euskeria

Founded in 1985as an intermediate step between the Conservatory Choir or Children’s Choir and the adult choir or the Choral Society itself.

Boys Choir/ Conservatory
Boys Choir/ Conservatory

Founded in 1984 by the Director of the Coral de Bilbao, relies primarily on the conservatory students and the society itself.


You will enjoy numerous advantages linked to the world of music and culture


Do you want your children to have a comprehensive personal and social development?Would you like them to receive artistic training?

Children from three to seven years old begin to familiarize themselves with music. The areas they work on are: singing, listening, rhythm and movement, all presented in a fun and playful way.

  • Structured according to the age of the student
  • Various activities are organized to raise awareness of the various instruments
  • From 5 years old, children have the opportunity to start practicing some of them
  • From 7 years old, children join choir practice
  • Throughout the school year auditions and performances are scheduled
Further information

Music Education

Formal Education

The student must meet the program objectives.The law regulates the academic aspects relating to the promotion of the course; evaluation, etc.

Non-formal Education

Aimed at people of all ages who wish to learn and practice music away from formal education.

Academic Information

Access to different documents; school policies, admission tests, application forms, etc.